12 Steps To Greatness

I created this music to inspire you to be Great! To be the best possible version of yourself you possibly can be!

Every single human being has the potential to be GREAT! We all have a purpose. Go for it! Relentlesly! No Excuses! Be happy!

  1. Potential – What is holding you back?
  2. Vision – Can you touch your Dreams?
  3. Belief – First believe you ca. Next KNOW you can!
  4. Desire – What do you need that brings you one step further?
  5. Purpose – Do the things you Love. Don’t look for meaning. Create it!
  6. Courage – Do you have the Courage to place your Dreams above your Fears?
  7. Perseverance – Don’t let anything stop you. Never give up following your path to success!
  8. Inspiration – What Inspires you? How do you Inspire others?
  9. Passion – What drives you? What fuel does your Soul need? What are you here for?
  10. Motivation – What makes you happy?
  11. Creativity – You are the most genious creation of the Universe! Do what you are here to do! Do it NOW!
  12. Greatness – Take a chance. Better to act and fail than do nothing! Be the Achiever you were born to be! Climb any mountain.

Be Great!