One of the true miracles in life is to experience balance between masculinity and femininity. It is one of the best hidden secrets in life that almost no one experience. I can tell you what it is, but you have to know it from the inside and experience this for your self to really understand and recognize it in your life. It shouldn’t be a secret. Life would be completely different if it wasn’t. But luckily evolution has lead us to a point where it is possible to experience this. Evolution is at it’s midlife crisis and this is the point where balance is regained!We all grow up as either introvert or extrovert persons, which basically is unbalanced. Evolution ‘grew up’ as an extrovert individual and has reached it’s turning point going towards introversion. We are all given this opportunity in midlife! This means that we get a chance to become whole beings. A person who is either introvert or extrovert is only a half being, not living his or her full potential. Which automatically leads to problems around midlife. Identity crisis or existential crisis. 4 out of 5 marriages with one or both spouses in midlife crisis does not make it! Which is bad odds for evolution!

The secret in gaining balance between masculinity (extrovert, activity, thinking, etc.) and feminity (introvert, being, feeling, etc.) is:

In the exact balance between these opposites the Heart and the Mind will open!

And keeping this balance will open the Heart as well as the Mind to deeper levels of existence. And I mean REALLY open! No defences! No excuses! No explanations! Total accept of what is! This is called Healing by the way!


The Golden Circle.

Love: This circle is your love life and includes partner, family, friends, colleagues and on deeper levels it also includes people in your city, people in your country and ultimately all living creatures in the world!

Work: Are you working to survive or do you have a purpose in life?

Spirituality: Any religion practiced intensly and deep enough leads to the same point: True Spirituality! A spirituality that is based on what is real. Not based on books, beliefs or dogmas. But on what really IS!

Love Work Spirituality

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These three circles inside The Golden Circle, in harmony determines the power and the direction of your life. If your work life goes in one direction and your love life in another, your destination will be none of them! If your spiritual purpose in life is connected to what you do for a living and what you practice in your Love life, all three circles will pull you in the same direction and now you are getting somewhere, simply because the thre areas of your life work together, not against each other!

But it only works if your fundamental balance is somewhere around perfect. If it isn’t you will notice in all three areas simoultaneously. If you are behind on masculinity your boss will control you, your partner will control you and your spiritual practice will loose power and go nowhere.

If you are behind on feminity your decisions at work will not be precise. They will be more or less out of direction. Your love life will loose freedom and gain negative control and you can’t find your way in spirituality.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again:

Masculinity makes decisions. Femininity makes shure it is the right decisions!


By finding the balance in your life you are healing the midlife crisis of evolution at the same time. By taking balanced control of your life, you are giving the best you can to the world and to your loved ones! From this balance you can heal the world and yourself, and you will know how to! You will know which partner is the right one for you and you will know your true frinds and value them!

True harmony and the correct direction is based on the purpose of your life (Spirituality), supporting and supported by your partner and family (Love) and grounded in what you do for a living (Work)!

And No – It is not easy, but do NOT use this as an excuse. You simply start now and stop when you die! Then you did your best!

David Holywood