First time I heard it I was totally surprised! I just had a good long 50 minutes meditation and as I entered my 10m2 bedroom and sat down on my bed I suddenly heard a cello and a harpsichord playing right behind me.

I immediately turned around and saw…. nothing! Except for the wall that left no room what so ever for instruments of this size!

For 15 seconds I had the indescribable honor of listening to music that was so beautiful that no instrument in this world would be able to reproduce this divine sound!

For 10 years I tried to recreate this ‘situation’ but I did not succeed. But suddenly one day it happened again. But this time I was able to listen for 16 hours to the most beautiful piano music.

And again I wasn’t able to force the music to reappear – this time for 5 years.

Then one night a dear friend told me: “I do not see any arrogance in you, but that might be because I can see through your outer walls”….

Something that had been restless for a long time stopped inside me and fell into place. I deeply knew that she was able to see people for what they really are. So why keep up any appearance ???

This was the moment my outer walls fell and my spirit had free access to something far greater than noone ever can imagine. This was the moment Resurrection began playing for me. This was the moment that I became able to enter and leave the divine concert halls for free.

The name Resurrection appeared after a few days working with it. Resurrection had to be the name because the music was created a long time ago and Resurrected here in 2011.