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Why multitasking is killing efficiency

Many people including leaders think that multitasking is highly efficient and a lot of leaders often demand their employees to be "dynamic" meaning, having a lot of tasks going on simultaneously. It certainly looks like efficiency but the fact is quite the opposite....

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Purpose, Direction and Power in Life

One of the true miracles in life is to experience balance between masculinity and femininity. It is one of the best hidden secrets in life that almost no one experience. I can tell you what it is, but you have to know it from the inside and experience this for your...

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The Zero Theory

The Zero Theory explains the mess the world is experiencing right now and it is called the Zero Theory because we can't use our old tools to solve problems anymore. We have nothing and we need to invent new tools and new ways of handling issues. 95% of our leaders...

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10 A’s of a Great Leader

Agenda, Awareness, Assertiveness, Action and Authenticity. AGENDA. Having an Agenda for your life and Aiming for this, is crucial if you want Passion – Passion that will get you passionate followers. Finding, having and knowing your ultimate purpose can easily give...

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