Spotify Playlists

Spotify Playlists are the One and almost only path to get people to listen to your music on Spotify. Create your own Playlists and do some Collaborative Playlists! Here are the playlists I support and promote. Some of them are Collaborative Playlists and you can add your songs yourself AND remember to FOLLOW!

Other Playlists are specialized and if you think your music fits the description send me a mail with the song or a link to the song.


To The TOP!How to get on Spotify Playlist

This is an edited Playlist for Up and Coming Talents. Any category is ok. BUT you got to show Talent! Musical talent. Sales Talent, Lyrical Talent, Customer Talent… You know…

Contact me here: add or link to your song.


Common Cause!How to use Spotify Playlists

This i a Collaborative Playlist anyone can add songs to. The list is meant for up and coming artists with real talent. Max 3 songs pr. artist and Follow the list!



Classical CollabClassical Playlist

This is a collaborative Playlist for composers of Classical music. Opera, theatrical and movie scores are welcome too. Keep it to 1 or 2 songs! I am looking for new Mozarts, Beethovens, Bachs etc…